Free Printable Planner Stickers ~ Welcome Spring

I don't think I have ever looked forward to spring quite so much. I have come to realize that, despite my best attempts at authenticity, I am still keeping up a front on social media. In the past I have been critical of social media because it shows everyone's highlight reels instead of the full picture.  Now I see that there may be very good reasons for that...

Maybe their problems are none of your business. We do not have to share everything and sometimes we shouldn't. For example, if I tell you about every horrible, ridiculous thing my kids do, although possibly entertaining now, it may embarrass them later.

Maybe they are just a more private person, uncomfortable with sharing quite so much.

Maybe they want to reserve one small part of their lives to focus on the positive. My instagram account is for happy, crafty stuff only and I like it that way because I can scroll through and nothing will make me sad.

I can tell you this... No one has a perfect life. Everyone has a mixture of blessings and burdens. Everyone has some struggles that you cannot see. It warrants compassion, even though that is really, really, really hard to give sometimes.

So, I am not going into details for all of the above reasons, but this winter sucked. However, do you know what makes me happy? Besides chocolate? Spring flowers and the color purple. So, I designed some planner stickers with free graphics from and it cheered me up a little bit.


You can download the free printable by clicking HERE. I just print them to adhesive paper and cut them out with scissors.


I have other printable planner stickers available, too.